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School’s Out For the Summer!

School’s Out Forever!! Okay, not really. But I couldn’t pass up the Alice Cooper reference.

So, we’re done! The 2012-2013 school year is completed at last! I had intended that we take this week and slowly finish up any loose ends and last exams, but my little go-getters had something else in mind. By Tuesday the remaining subjects were dwindling fast, so they decided to power through to dinner time and finish everything. And finish they did, right down to the book report that Sean was avoiding. I think, in their school-finishing giddiness, that their usual cup of jokes and puns did overflow. For example:

Sean (reading a question on his Religion exam): “Jesus Christ gave his apostles the power to blank, blank, and blank on earth. Hmm…OH! Live, Long, and Prosper!” *huge cheesy grin thrown my way*

Yes, I laughed. I couldn’t help it one bit. Part of me was thrilled at the geeky reference and part of me wondered at the appropriateness of making the apostles into Trekkies. I’d like to imagine that God got a chuckle out of that one too.

So Wednesday marked the first official day of Summer for my boys and they celebrated with a huge water gun fight with the neighborhood kiddos. They were running the streets for over three hours, streams of water flying everywhere. There were some crazy tales that came from that one. For example, two neighbor boys decided to ambush a pizza man making a delivery. My adult side was horrified and made sure that my kids knew in no uncertain terms that this was never acceptable. My inner child is still giggling over that one, though. One kid pulled out his hose, other kids took to their bikes for drive-by-soakings, and much mayhem was made by all. I think my favorite story, however, came from the evening after my kids had come in. Around 8:30, my doorbell started ringing like crazy. Then frantic knocking began. Before Jason could even make it down the stairs, the ringing started up again. As soon as he opened the door, some of the neighborhood boys  yelled, “Sean! Sean! We need your water guns! We need them for an all out AMBUSH!” Allow me to backtrack a bit here… A few weeks ago, a small-scale water fight broke out in the street and a group of boys (including my Erik)  decided to squirt two ladies that like to jog and walk around our street in the evening. I called out for the boys to stop but the women just laughed and ran. The next time they passed by the same thing happened except as they ran away one woman yelled out laughing “We’re coming back with a hose! We’ll get you back!” I thought it was incredibly sweet of them to be such good sports about it. Well guess who was jogging around the block with a stroller last night and pulled out a big water gun on the neighborhood kiddos still outside playing? Yep! The same two women decided to exact water revenge. Laughing, I told the kiddos that the guns were drying out in the garage and two words: pay back. Just typing this story has me smiling again.

So Summer in all it’s fun and craziness has officially begun. I’m hoping that there will be outings, playdates, and many memories made. I want this Summer to be as vibrant as the Houston sun. 😉

Clean Food a Day Keeps the Fat Girl Away

As previously stated, we had a lot of fun this past week. I probably got in lots of exercise between the walking and carrying my teething little man around so much, however, I didn’t actually workout. I didn’t open one video or allow Nichole’s peppy enthusiasm to spur me into a sweaty cardio session. Being busy is never a good excuse. There’s always a few minutes in the day that I could’ve pushed myself that extra mile and completed a workout. After all…



What’s worse than that however, is this…

I let my inner fat girl come out to play.

She’s a behemoth. I usually let her poke her head out on cheat days. After all, she needs satiating every now and then or she’ll spiral out of control leaving a huge mess of fat, calories, guilt, and shame in her wake. But I let her out full force this past week. I started off strong. I kept my food clean and my portions down. I even ordered a salad at that mecca of unhealthy goodness, McDonalds. Granted, it wasn’t very clean and it involved crunchy things on top, but it was better than my usual cheeseburgers and fries. But then little slip ups became a big slippery slope and I began to slide down it with wild joyous abandon. I threw caution to the wind. By the end of the week, the fat girl was out devouring seconds of pasta, second slices of candy bar pie, and craving anything sugary, fatty, or unhealthy that was in sight. Releasing the behemoth never comes without a price. By Sunday I was tired, irritable, weighted down feeling, and riddled with guilt. I knew then that telling inner Fat Girl to shut up and sit down in the back seat was crucial this week. NO FOOD is ever worth loosing all the progress I’ve made so far.



Wise Word to Live By..


So I fed her one last treat last night in the form of Caramel Cookie Crunch gelato, tucked her back in, and turned the lights off. This morning found me eating clean and back on the Revolt fitness train. I’m chugging my water and eating my pre-portioned food like the skinny girl that I’m striving so hard to be. And do you know what? I am not only enjoying my tasty clean food, but I feel 110% better after just half a day. I don’t feel so weighted down and I can even feel the irritability lifting already. I’m rising above the fog and doing it with grace. Now if I could extend that grace to my workout, we’d be doing amazing. 😉

Family Fun

All is quiet in my house at the moment. Quiet for the first time in quite a few days, actually. This week our house was filled with family and laughter making this one amazing whirlwind week. My awesome and loving husband had his aunt, uncle, and cousin driving into town.  We hadn’t seen them since my seven year old was a baby so excitement was pretty high around here. Tuesday morning one of my brothers even came over and helped me clean my house. Remember I’ve mentioned that my entire downstairs is ceramic tile? Well my brother not only vacuumed it all but mopped it as well. He has earned a special place in my heart and a few extra Christmas presents, let me tell you. He also played with little Jedi while I did dishes and generally tried to make our house look less like ground zero of the world’s biggest atom bomb of toys and more like a respectable home. Afterwards, we all sat down and watched Wreck It Ralph since my brother hadn’t seen it before. Everyone enjoyed it. Well, they tell me they did… I feel asleep before Ralph even met Vanellope.

That evening we went to my in-laws’ house and commenced with the family reunion. There was lots of catching up to do and hugs to pass around so we stayed late and then “kidnapped” (according to Sean) Jason’s cousin. 😉 The kids were thrilled to have a visitor. We set her up on our couch and the next few days were a whirlwind of fun and craziness. There was an extended Wii Sports session, candy-bar-laced pie making, late nights, and a very memorable trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. There, everyone loved the new Ancient Egypt exhibit. Sean, who is my little budding Egyptologist, deemed the entire experience “an honor”. The kids had a huge blast with the hands on exhibits in the Hall of Chemistry. The new Hall of Paleontology seriously took our breath away. What was once 3-5 token skeletons when you first walked in has blossomed into an entire two story high wing filled with skeletons and exhibits of all shapes and sizes. Well done, HMNS, well done. We even became members so we can go back all Summer long and see everything that we missed. On the other hand, I forgot the stroller and apparently HMNS is one of the only venues in all of Houston that does not rent strollers, either. This means that I was carrying all 22 pounds of Chubbin pretty much the entire day. No bueno, HMNS, no bueno. Also, you’ve rarely known embarrassment like when you’re in the middle of the quiet and opulent Faberge exhibit and your three year old pulls a noisy lay down strike on the floor. Luckily, no one seemed to care. In fact, the security guard at the exit was just impressed as hell that I’d managed to have five boys with no girls. He seemed to think this was an awesome thing. Jury’s out on that one. The most frustrating part, however, was the ride home. Oil and Water (also known as Aidan and Erik) fought all the long way home. Since the museum closes at 5pm we were stuck in some awful traffic too. So we had a long time to count to ten and take deep breaths and think of interesting threats to make them stop fighting. I (semi) jokingly told Jason’s cousin that after that car ride, she was probably going to do the happy dance home to Chicago thanking God that she didn’t have kids.

For her last day in town, Jason took the day off and we all went to the Kemah Boardwalk. We rode a few rides, had some delicious drinks and appetizers at Cadillac, and experienced Houston Summer heat in all it’s glory. I didn’t realize how much I missed that salty air. It felt wonderful in my lungs. Once we got home, we met back up with Jason’s parents, aunt, and uncle for their last evening here. We served a big spaghetti dinner followed by the Kit Kat and Reese’s Cup Pies that we’d made. The kids visited and Brendan went into full-on adorable ham mode making fast friends with Jason’s uncle. Children’s funky moods and museum meltdowns notwithstanding, it was really a great visit. I only wish we’d been able to see more sights and landmarks. Family really is a wonderful thing. I can only hope it’s not another six years before we’re able to get back together again.

Although after that car ride, maybe they won’t be rushing… 😉

Banana Crepes a la Revolt

I already gushed about this yummy yet incredibly simple recipe in my last post, so I’ll try to keep the salivating down to a minimum. These are light, fluffy, and naturally sweet. It makes quite a big plate of breakfast too! These even fit gluten-free and vegetarian diets as well. So please… try this recipe. You won’t even realize you’re eating anything this good for you. And  your body will thank you. Enjoy!


.~*Banana Crepes*~.

1 Banana

4 Egg Whites

1 Whole Banana

1\2 tsp Vanilla Extract (pure as possible)

2 tsp Coconut Oil (or non-stick spray)

Up to 1\4 c Sugar-free Maple Syrup

Directions: Blend banana, egg whites, egg, and vanilla in a blender. Melt coconut oil over medium heat in small pan, or coat pan with non-stick spray. Pour 1\3 c batter into hot pan. Swirl the batter around to spread it thin in the bottom of the pan. Cook on both sides until golden brown. Top with 1\4c or less of sugar-free syrup.


Back at Last and Revolt Update

It’s been far too long. It’s been a blissful kind of busy, which I enjoy, but there was a loss of internet connection for awhile which I most certainly did not enjoy. There have been graduation parties, BBQs, Tae Kwon Do testing, babies born, babysitting, and more. Plus everyday life and finishing up school has been sandwiched in there as well. May always is a doozy of a month. Throughout all the hullabaloo, I failed to write my Revolt review for the week before last. Bad blogger. So I’ll try to sum up the past two weeks in a nutshell here before moving on to the wonderful things to come…

Weeks 5 and 6

Weeks 5 and 6


The Workouts: Not much to report here. I did a few workouts in week five but I was very busy, trying to recover from an ear infection, and feeling sick thanks to my antibiotics. I have to notice that I felt a difference without working out. It wasn’t a good one either. I didn’t have that extra spring in my step. I missed the rush and the sense of accomplishment. Even running up the stairs didn’t have that extra zing that it had before. Week six was worse because the internet was down therefore I couldn’t access my daily videos. Some of my fellow Revolters offered to type up a list for me though, which brings me to a new point I’d like to address…


The Support:  This program has an amazing support system. You join a group of people doing the exact same thing that you are and there you can ask questions, vent, or get tips. This is really a wonderful group of people. You can even talk to Nichole herself! For a woman who does so much and must be so busy, it amazes me that she always makes the time to answer your questions or even give you kudos or a virtual pat on the back. She always has a reason or an answer for everything as well. Why do we eat raisins as part of the post workout snack? Did you know there’s a scientific reason for that? It blows my mind. It also serves to prove that nothing about this plan is “just thrown out there”. It’s all carefully planned and designed to make your body work for you and keep you healthy.


The Diet: Week 5 went strong for me. Dinners were a burger patty wrapped in a big curly lettuce leaf with tomatoes and ketchup with a side of roasted summer squash and vegetables. It was delicious. I jazzed up my burger patties with chopped jalapeno and lots of fajita seasoning. This gave them a spicy kick that I really enjoyed. Breakfasts were banana crepes. I am going to share this recipe with you. Although this is a paid program, we’re encouraged to share some recipes and such to prove just how great this can be. Well, these crepes were pretty damn amazing. I looked forward to breakfast like you would not believe this week. You can even make them in large batches and pop them in the fridge. Pull a few out, pop them in the microwave, top them with syrup and you have a crazy delicious and extremely healthy breakfast for yourself. You won’t even know you’re dieting I promise.

Week 6 was when I hit some road blocks. This week was a modified detox to end the 6 weeks with a bang and help you bounce back from the Memorial Day festivities. We were supposed to rely on salt-free seasonings and skip desserts. It was one crazy week though. One day while out and about, I had the headache from hell (seriously an axe to the skull would’ve felt better) and ended up with a multi-shot drink from Starbucks. Another day I made a big Shepherd’s Pie and had my brother over to visit…and ate the Shepherd’s Pie instead of my bowl of stir-fry. Crackers and cheese came into play another time. I’ve been very solid in my diet up until this point but I found myself sitting on my butt in the middle of that metaphorical road to fitness grubbing on unhealthy foods now and then. I am human. It wasn’t all bad, though. The good news is that I didn’t gain any weight at least. I basically maintained. Which brings me to…

The Results: 

I did it. 😀 Throughout all the messy weeks and craziness I broke that evil 200 pound mark. I am proud to say that my ending weight after these six weeks is… *imagine a drum roll, if you will*

198 pounds 

Considering that I started my Revolt at 211 pounds, this brings me to a grand total of 13 pounds lost! So remember when I posted that pic of the 2 pound weight and the five pound weight as gone from my body?

Plus one pound GONE from my body!

Plus one pound GONE from my body!


This, for me, is just incredible. I still have tons of work to do to get to my goal weight but I really believe that I can do this with Revolt. I’m a believer for sure.

The Future: Today is my cheat day and I’m enjoying it, but tomorrow begins the June Uprising in it’s new four week format. From now on, we’ll get new workout plans and menus for each month. Each month is supposed to start with a detox week to keep things fresh and clean. (I won’t be detoxing, but more on that in a later post…) In my next post, I’m going to explore fat mass and lean mass. My measurements are about to get hard core. 😉

If anyone would like to join me in this June Uprising, follow this link and sign up today! Or you can sign up for a free one week Kickstart to the program and experience it yourself with no commitment.

Please don’t forget that the Fit Into Summer Giveaway is still going strong as well! Check out the prizes and enter HERE  to jumpstart yourself into your own fitness journey! The giveaway ends June 10th, so enter soon!


***Disclaimer: I was given my Revolt Now Fitness membership as a blogger to review for zero dinero. However, all of the words, posts, opinions and anything else that comes out of my cracked belfry are mine and mine alone.***