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School’s Out For the Summer!

School’s Out Forever!! Okay, not really. But I couldn’t pass up the Alice Cooper reference.

So, we’re done! The 2012-2013 school year is completed at last! I had intended that we take this week and slowly finish up any loose ends and last exams, but my little go-getters had something else in mind. By Tuesday the remaining subjects were dwindling fast, so they decided to power through to dinner time and finish everything. And finish they did, right down to the book report that Sean was avoiding. I think, in their school-finishing giddiness, that their usual cup of jokes and puns did overflow. For example:

Sean (reading a question on his Religion exam): “Jesus Christ gave his apostles the power to blank, blank, and blank on earth. Hmm…OH! Live, Long, and Prosper!” *huge cheesy grin thrown my way*

Yes, I laughed. I couldn’t help it one bit. Part of me was thrilled at the geeky reference and part of me wondered at the appropriateness of making the apostles into Trekkies. I’d like to imagine that God got a chuckle out of that one too.

So Wednesday marked the first official day of Summer for my boys and they celebrated with a huge water gun fight with the neighborhood kiddos. They were running the streets for over three hours, streams of water flying everywhere. There were some crazy tales that came from that one. For example, two neighbor boys decided to ambush a pizza man making a delivery. My adult side was horrified and made sure that my kids knew in no uncertain terms that this was never acceptable. My inner child is still giggling over that one, though. One kid pulled out his hose, other kids took to their bikes for drive-by-soakings, and much mayhem was made by all. I think my favorite story, however, came from the evening after my kids had come in. Around 8:30, my doorbell started ringing like crazy. Then frantic knocking began. Before Jason could even make it down the stairs, the ringing started up again. As soon as he opened the door, some of the neighborhood boys  yelled, “Sean! Sean! We need your water guns! We need them for an all out AMBUSH!” Allow me to backtrack a bit here… A few weeks ago, a small-scale water fight broke out in the street and a group of boys (including my Erik)  decided to squirt two ladies that like to jog and walk around our street in the evening. I called out for the boys to stop but the women just laughed and ran. The next time they passed by the same thing happened except as they ran away one woman yelled out laughing “We’re coming back with a hose! We’ll get you back!” I thought it was incredibly sweet of them to be such good sports about it. Well guess who was jogging around the block with a stroller last night and pulled out a big water gun on the neighborhood kiddos still outside playing? Yep! The same two women decided to exact water revenge. Laughing, I told the kiddos that the guns were drying out in the garage and two words: pay back. Just typing this story has me smiling again.

So Summer in all it’s fun and craziness has officially begun. I’m hoping that there will be outings, playdates, and many memories made. I want this Summer to be as vibrant as the Houston sun. 😉

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