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New Year, New You!

Don’t you love how all the radio commercials declare that? A new year and a new you! Am I the only one who finds that silly? Did you clone yourself? Are you standing next to yourself? It’s not really a new you, is it? How about a “changed you” or an “improved you”? I suppose that’s not catchy enough.

Well regardless of whether you’re improving yourself or submitting your DNA to become the human version of Dolly the Sheep, it’s a new year. People are breaking out their resolutions, gyms are packed, and Slim Fast commercials are inundating the airwaves. I made my own set of resolutions this year. They range from the simple (Keep your Sanity) to the more elaborate (Pick back up both a coding and a national language). Last year was one hell of a mentally taxing year, so the sanity part is a must. I’ve realized that everything from the election fiasco (Not touching that further with a ten foot pole here. Seriously, don’t ask.) to strained financial situations became a big lethal cocktail guaranteed to induce depression and cynicism. I’ve realized something else too: not taking care of yourself makes this cocktail even more potent. Things just snowballed last year. Not in a fluffy, pretty, white snowball kind of way…in the giant wad of snow, dirt, and rocks that chases you down the hill and threatens to smash you kind of way. But that year is over and behind us. That snowball has hit the bottom of the hill already. It’s up to us to dust the snow off. You have to learn from it and move forward.

This is how we see the “improved you”. Willpower, self control, and determination are the only way. There’s no magic pill. If you have support from others, all the better. If you’re spiritual, pray. All the working out in the world won’t change a thing if you’re woofing down toffee brittle every time you pass the fridge. (What? No this isn’t a personal example…exactly…) We sweat, we make smarter choices, we pray, we work harder. We get up and do the same thing the next day. If we fall, we get right back up. We bring it.

Or you could always get cloned. Your choice. 😉

And I say, “Hey…what’s going on?”

It has been so long since I’ve tried to put anything into this blog that it frankly feels a little weird. I’m sure it’ll play out like the “riding a bike” adage and things will begin to flow organically, but for now, it’s almost awkward. So much has happened since I last posted. We moved to a home in an amazing neighborhood. We’ve become involved in a co-op, Cub Scouts, and band. Biggest news is that we finally were able to welcome a little girl into our testosterone-filled household. That was the biggest shock and surprise we’ve ever experienced. Imagine going to a routine doctor’s appointment and having the NP walk in with a big box of prenatal vitamins. She’s talking like you know why she’s holding them but inside your head you’re screaming “WHY are you bringing those things in my room?!?” Total shock. Several weeks later I called for the results of some blood work and they tell me that after five boys, that unexpected little stowaway is a girl. Complete surprise. Aria Gabrielle was born in December 2014 and turned our house upside down. She’s loved, spoiled, and doted on by her brothers like a real princess. She also has her Daddy completely wrapped around her little finger. We finally have our “pink one”.

It hasn’t all been roses of course. The pressures of keeping up with six kiddos 11 and under after she was born kinda kept me in recluse mode for a long time. I feel like I’m still breaking out of that, to be honest. The bigger car that we had to buy turned out to be a big fat money pit of repairs. I lost my maternal Grandma. Floods came and claimed two of my family member’s houses. That’s life, though. That roller coaster just keeps rising and falling. A more personal failing has been losing all of the headway I made on my healthier lifestyle. I’m a cranky, tired recluse when I’m pregnant, so I let my training sessions at the gym go. I turned to comfort food way too often. As much as I talked with my doctor about going back to lifting weights and exercising, I never did. I stayed stuck in the rut. I bought workout DVD’s and never used them. Our neighborhood actually has a small gym in the clubhouse, but I’ve never gone. I’ve developed a lot of unhealthy habits. I’ve put myself last too many times in too many ways. What feels like ages ago, I posted on this very blog about a pair of jeans that were falling off of my hips when I ran thanks to my healthier lifestyle. I can still see that moment in my head. It was pretty freaking spectacular! Well those pants (which have become cut-offs thanks to time and wear) are uncomfortably tight now. This prompted me to get some batteries for our bathroom scale and step on it. No bueno. I’m at an all-time record high. But this will change. It has to. Aria is two years old. Baby weight, this is not. So I’ve fired up MyFitnessPal again, worked up some macros, and am trying yet again. I hope to chronicle my journey here like I did last time. It won’t all be food, health, and exercise, though. I’d like for this to be my outlet once more. I’m sure the kidlets will keep me in enough parenting shenanigans to be fodder for blogging, venting, or therapy for a long, long time.

So….here we go again! Fingers and toes crossed that it sticks this time!

Until next time, little blog. Peace and Love.