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Molina’s Table Relish

When I was little (I mean really little…) my parents used to go to Molina’s Mexican Restaurant every now and then. It was always tasty, but one thing stood out. Instead of just your basic salsa, they had a relish they’d put on the table with their fresh tortilla chips. It was soft yet crisp carrots, onions, jalapenos and garlic and it was amazing. My mom actually found the recipe in the Houston Chronicle (the family was awesome enough to release it) and used to make it periodically to store in the fridge. I haven’t been to Molina’s since I was a kiddo, so I’m not sure they serve it anymore? I sure hope so. I’d love to go back there one day for old times’ sake. And hey…what pregnant woman could turn down a big cheesy plate of spicy Mexican food goodness?

Anyhoo I’d kinda forgotten about the relish recently but then I looked in the veggie drawer and found a big bag of carrot rounds. Suddenly it clicked! Oh yeah…Molina’s Relish! In fact, I do believe I’d referenced it once before in this very blog. Preggie brain fart. Go figure. This is simmering on my stove right now and it’s starting to smell wonderful…. I will be piling it on Baked Tostitos later on for a healthy, yet delicioso snack.

Molina’s Restaurant Relish

2 Carrots, cut into rounds
2 Onions, sliced
1\3 c Sliced Jalapenos (you can use fresh or jarred if they’re thick and crisp)
2 Cloves Garlic
1\2 tsp Salt
1\2 tsp Pepper
1-2 Bay Leaves
White Vinegar

Put the carrots on the bottom of your pot, top with onions, jalapenos, garlic cloves, and all seasonings. Add enough vinegar to barely cover everything, then add 1\4 c water. (You can adjust this to your liking depending on how vinegary you like your relish) Simmer on low heat until onions are almost clear. The idea is for the veggies to be soft, yet still crisp. Store in the fridge, preferably in jars with screw-on lids.

Pile liberally on chips. Enjoy.
Seriously…there’s really no way you can’t enjoy this.

Peace out.