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Clean Food a Day Keeps the Fat Girl Away

As previously stated, we had a lot of fun this past week. I probably got in lots of exercise between the walking and carrying my teething little man around so much, however, I didn’t actually workout. I didn’t open one video or allow Nichole’s peppy enthusiasm to spur me into a sweaty cardio session. Being busy is never a good excuse. There’s always a few minutes in the day that I could’ve pushed myself that extra mile and completed a workout. After all…



What’s worse than that however, is this…

I let my inner fat girl come out to play.

She’s a behemoth. I usually let her poke her head out on cheat days. After all, she needs satiating every now and then or she’ll spiral out of control leaving a huge mess of fat, calories, guilt, and shame in her wake. But I let her out full force this past week. I started off strong. I kept my food clean and my portions down. I even ordered a salad at that mecca of unhealthy goodness, McDonalds. Granted, it wasn’t very clean and it involved crunchy things on top, but it was better than my usual cheeseburgers and fries. But then little slip ups became a big slippery slope and I began to slide down it with wild joyous abandon. I threw caution to the wind. By the end of the week, the fat girl was out devouring seconds of pasta, second slices of candy bar pie, and craving anything sugary, fatty, or unhealthy that was in sight. Releasing the behemoth never comes without a price. By Sunday I was tired, irritable, weighted down feeling, and riddled with guilt. I knew then that telling inner Fat Girl to shut up and sit down in the back seat was crucial this week. NO FOOD is ever worth loosing all the progress I’ve made so far.



Wise Word to Live By..


So I fed her one last treat last night in the form of Caramel Cookie Crunch gelato, tucked her back in, and turned the lights off. This morning found me eating clean and back on the Revolt fitness train. I’m chugging my water and eating my pre-portioned food like the skinny girl that I’m striving so hard to be. And do you know what? I am not only enjoying my tasty clean food, but I feel 110% better after just half a day. I don’t feel so weighted down and I can even feel the irritability lifting already. I’m rising above the fog and doing it with grace. Now if I could extend that grace to my workout, we’d be doing amazing. 😉

Banana Crepes a la Revolt

I already gushed about this yummy yet incredibly simple recipe in my last post, so I’ll try to keep the salivating down to a minimum. These are light, fluffy, and naturally sweet. It makes quite a big plate of breakfast too! These even fit gluten-free and vegetarian diets as well. So please… try this recipe. You won’t even realize you’re eating anything this good for you. And  your body will thank you. Enjoy!


.~*Banana Crepes*~.

1 Banana

4 Egg Whites

1 Whole Banana

1\2 tsp Vanilla Extract (pure as possible)

2 tsp Coconut Oil (or non-stick spray)

Up to 1\4 c Sugar-free Maple Syrup

Directions: Blend banana, egg whites, egg, and vanilla in a blender. Melt coconut oil over medium heat in small pan, or coat pan with non-stick spray. Pour 1\3 c batter into hot pan. Swirl the batter around to spread it thin in the bottom of the pan. Cook on both sides until golden brown. Top with 1\4c or less of sugar-free syrup.


Back at Last and Revolt Update

It’s been far too long. It’s been a blissful kind of busy, which I enjoy, but there was a loss of internet connection for awhile which I most certainly did not enjoy. There have been graduation parties, BBQs, Tae Kwon Do testing, babies born, babysitting, and more. Plus everyday life and finishing up school has been sandwiched in there as well. May always is a doozy of a month. Throughout all the hullabaloo, I failed to write my Revolt review for the week before last. Bad blogger. So I’ll try to sum up the past two weeks in a nutshell here before moving on to the wonderful things to come…

Weeks 5 and 6

Weeks 5 and 6


The Workouts: Not much to report here. I did a few workouts in week five but I was very busy, trying to recover from an ear infection, and feeling sick thanks to my antibiotics. I have to notice that I felt a difference without working out. It wasn’t a good one either. I didn’t have that extra spring in my step. I missed the rush and the sense of accomplishment. Even running up the stairs didn’t have that extra zing that it had before. Week six was worse because the internet was down therefore I couldn’t access my daily videos. Some of my fellow Revolters offered to type up a list for me though, which brings me to a new point I’d like to address…


The Support:  This program has an amazing support system. You join a group of people doing the exact same thing that you are and there you can ask questions, vent, or get tips. This is really a wonderful group of people. You can even talk to Nichole herself! For a woman who does so much and must be so busy, it amazes me that she always makes the time to answer your questions or even give you kudos or a virtual pat on the back. She always has a reason or an answer for everything as well. Why do we eat raisins as part of the post workout snack? Did you know there’s a scientific reason for that? It blows my mind. It also serves to prove that nothing about this plan is “just thrown out there”. It’s all carefully planned and designed to make your body work for you and keep you healthy.


The Diet: Week 5 went strong for me. Dinners were a burger patty wrapped in a big curly lettuce leaf with tomatoes and ketchup with a side of roasted summer squash and vegetables. It was delicious. I jazzed up my burger patties with chopped jalapeno and lots of fajita seasoning. This gave them a spicy kick that I really enjoyed. Breakfasts were banana crepes. I am going to share this recipe with you. Although this is a paid program, we’re encouraged to share some recipes and such to prove just how great this can be. Well, these crepes were pretty damn amazing. I looked forward to breakfast like you would not believe this week. You can even make them in large batches and pop them in the fridge. Pull a few out, pop them in the microwave, top them with syrup and you have a crazy delicious and extremely healthy breakfast for yourself. You won’t even know you’re dieting I promise.

Week 6 was when I hit some road blocks. This week was a modified detox to end the 6 weeks with a bang and help you bounce back from the Memorial Day festivities. We were supposed to rely on salt-free seasonings and skip desserts. It was one crazy week though. One day while out and about, I had the headache from hell (seriously an axe to the skull would’ve felt better) and ended up with a multi-shot drink from Starbucks. Another day I made a big Shepherd’s Pie and had my brother over to visit…and ate the Shepherd’s Pie instead of my bowl of stir-fry. Crackers and cheese came into play another time. I’ve been very solid in my diet up until this point but I found myself sitting on my butt in the middle of that metaphorical road to fitness grubbing on unhealthy foods now and then. I am human. It wasn’t all bad, though. The good news is that I didn’t gain any weight at least. I basically maintained. Which brings me to…

The Results: 

I did it. 😀 Throughout all the messy weeks and craziness I broke that evil 200 pound mark. I am proud to say that my ending weight after these six weeks is… *imagine a drum roll, if you will*

198 pounds 

Considering that I started my Revolt at 211 pounds, this brings me to a grand total of 13 pounds lost! So remember when I posted that pic of the 2 pound weight and the five pound weight as gone from my body?

Plus one pound GONE from my body!

Plus one pound GONE from my body!


This, for me, is just incredible. I still have tons of work to do to get to my goal weight but I really believe that I can do this with Revolt. I’m a believer for sure.

The Future: Today is my cheat day and I’m enjoying it, but tomorrow begins the June Uprising in it’s new four week format. From now on, we’ll get new workout plans and menus for each month. Each month is supposed to start with a detox week to keep things fresh and clean. (I won’t be detoxing, but more on that in a later post…) In my next post, I’m going to explore fat mass and lean mass. My measurements are about to get hard core. 😉

If anyone would like to join me in this June Uprising, follow this link and sign up today! Or you can sign up for a free one week Kickstart to the program and experience it yourself with no commitment.

Please don’t forget that the Fit Into Summer Giveaway is still going strong as well! Check out the prizes and enter HERE  to jumpstart yourself into your own fitness journey! The giveaway ends June 10th, so enter soon!


***Disclaimer: I was given my Revolt Now Fitness membership as a blogger to review for zero dinero. However, all of the words, posts, opinions and anything else that comes out of my cracked belfry are mine and mine alone.***

Fit Into Summer Giveaway!

Fit Into Summer Giveaway!

I am so pleased to announce that the Chaotic Cacophony is helping to host a fitness giveaway! Whatever your fitness goals, these prizes could help you achieve them! There is even a free month of the Revolt program that I’ve been reviewing and getting such great results with. Check out all of the amazing stuff you could win:

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Contest ends June 10th, so enter below now and best of luck to everyone! 😀

Revolt …Against the Virus

Last week did not go so very well. I was sick. Not just sick of it all, sick of stress, or sick of my current nail polish, but bonafide I-think-I-had-the-flu sick. It was pretty dang awful. My kiddos were sick as well, so the week pretty much consisted of blankets, movies, and naps. My Revolt review will be a bit lame as a result, but let’s give it a shot…

The Diet:

Bowls of canned soup was the norm this week when I could eat. Before the virus really took hold, I’d pre-prepped a crock pot full of Revolt’s Coconut Curry Chicken and Basmati Rice. As I started to get better, I ate this a lot. It was delicious. Warm, filling, and full of flavor, it really was a wonderful meal. It took virtually no time at all to prepare also, which always gets a thumbs up in this busy mom’s book. I also had an amazing smoothie made from mangos, coconut water, lime juice, milled flax, and a pinch of cayenne. It was surprisingly delicious and felt great on sore throats.

The Workouts:

None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. My exercise this week seriously consisted of shivering under a blanket and attempting to walk straight while making meals for the kiddos. This virus was an evil debilitating bastard.


Yeah I probably looked a lot like this…


The Results:

Starting weight:    203.5

End of the week:  200.5

So I did lose three pounds, but this was probably due more to lack of eating and living on soup for awhile. I lost a little bit inch-wise as well, but I’ll post those next week after a full week of Revolt and actually working out. Overall, this virus put me on a diet that I would heartily recommend… to no one. But I have hope for this current week! I have some amazing meals on the plan, including Banana Crepes and Burger Patties with Roasted Vegetables. Honestly, loosing weight never tasted so good. Also, I left off with half a pound left before my mini-goal of being below 200 pounds again and I know I can do it! With this plan, I am assured that it will come off and more inches will melt away. I dunno about you, but I like certainty…especially when it comes to getting fit.

There is a brand new Revolt Uprising starting the beginning of June! If anyone would like to get fit along with me, visit the Revolt Site and sign up! We could even build a team and work together! If I can do this as overweight and food addicted as I am, then anyone can. Seriously. 😉


***Disclaimer: I was given my Revolt Now Fitness membership as a blogger to review for zero dinero. However, all of the words, posts, opinions and anything else that comes out of my cracked belfry are mine and mine alone.***

Revolt-ing in Week Two

This update is sadly overdue. Things have been busier than usual! Plus, my monkeys are taking turns getting sick apparently, and I’m the latest victim. I’m extremely thankful that we stocked up on lovely teas at Teavana because hot tea is going to be my friend for awhile, I think. I have lots of good stuff up on this blog’s horizon, though! I’m going to post my first Revolt recipe soon and I even have a giveaway coming up for a whole quart of beautiful virgin coconut oil!  But, first thing’s first, I want to share how my personal Revolt against my before pictures is coming…


Week Two has been very good to me. I went down another two pounds! Now, I know I haven’t posted my actual weight before. To be honest, I’m embarrassed and scared to. However, I do believe it’s time I stopped hiding and opened up. You really have to see the numbers to understand just how powerful this program has been for me. Okay, deep breath, and here we go…

Starting Weight (Kickstart):          211 lbs

Beginning of Week One:             207 lbs

Beginning of Week Two:             205.5 lbs

Beginning of Week Three:          203.5 lbs

That is a grand total of 7.5 pounds!!

This is heavier than you think!

Gives you some perpective on how much my body has lost!

This is after or only three weeks of dieting and working out. That is HUGE for me, especially with my craptastic metabolism! My personal mini-goal of being below 200 lbs again is so close I can taste it! And the measurements are pretty amazing too! For example, I’m going to show where I started and where I am now:

Hips:   52.5″  –  51.0″

Waist: 41.0″  –  39.0″

Thigh: 26.5″  –  25.0″

Chest: 39.0″  –  38.0″

That is a grand total of 6 inches off of my body just by adding up these areas!

This is just in the areas I listed!

This is just in the areas I listed!

This all sounds awesome on paper, but what felt like a million dollars was getting dressed for Mother’s Day. I picked out a shirt that has always just fit around my midsection and watched in amazement as it flowed effortlessly over my hips. I was so shocked! I turned sideways in the mirror and for the first time, I really really noticed a big change. My puffy can’t-blame-it-on-baby-fat-anymore tummy looked flat! It wasn’t competing with my chest anymore! I was so thrilled I ran out and showed Jason. Then, my family noticed when we saw them later. This was the icing on the cake. I am, more than ever, ready to continue rocking this Revolt.

The Workouts:

My workouts lagged a bit because, klutz that I am, I pulled something in the front of my foot and had to be gentle with it. So I wasn’t able to go as hard core as usual, but when I did, I definitely felt the burn! I am loving the fact that you can get these kinds of workouts in 20-30 minutes at home! No gym, no hours of running on a treadmill, no sitting on someone else’s sweaty weights machine, no scrambling to find babysitters. It’s nothing short of amazing. Oh, btw… Wall Sits = Evil. It’s a necessary evil, though. 😉

The Diet:

In week two, as I mentioned before, there were Breakfast Burritos in the morning. These were so very delicious and uber filling. Lunches consisted of Roasted Chicken (we’ll just forget I ever experimented with salmon) with Wild Rice and Asparagus. This was heavenly. Dinner was a big leafy salad with chicken and veggies. To keep things interesting, I dressed it different ways each night. One night, I dressed it with buffalo wing sauce and enjoyed the spice of Hot Wings without the fat and guilt. Another night I whipped up a light Greek vinaigrette and ate the chicken breast warm on the side. I had fun with it! And that’s the beauty of this plan. You’re given a list of approved foods and many different menus to work with. If you get tired of one dinner, swap it out for another! For example, this week’s dinner is also supposed to involve a big chicken salad. I’m afraid this might get old for me, so I’m swapping it out for a different week’s dinner and making burger patties with roasted vegetables on the side. Embrace variety and make the plan work for YOU! 🙂

If you’d like to see what all my fuss is about, check out Nichole’s program here at The Revolt Site  If you want to start your own fitness revolution, let me know and we’ll Revolt together. 😉 You have nothing to lose but pounds and inches and nothing to gain but confidence and health. I am living proof.


***Disclaimer: I was given my Revolt Now Fitness membership as a blogger to review for zero dinero. However, all of the words, posts, opinions and anything else that comes out of my cracked belfry are mine and mine alone.***

First Week of the Uprising

We went out to eat this evening, just like we do every Sunday. Today we chose the wonderful Texas institution Whataburger. They make a burger with bacon and A1 sauce that will rock the socks of any good burger lover. As usual, I ate the burger and drowned every single golden fry in their amazing spicy ketchup. The ride home found me happy and satiated as it always has. But then something UNusual happened. I found myself extremely full. As time passed and my stomach settled, it became more than a little uncomfortable. Usually I can down a dinner like I did, not think twice about it, and hunt down dessert. But not this time. I grew more and more tired. Climbing the stairs felt arduous. I think my body is in…Revolt.

This was my big cheat meal after my first official week on the Revolt Fitness plan. All week I have eaten clean, fresh food that I’d prepared and pre-portioned in advance. So my Whataburger was probably a huge shock to my system. All of these changes fascinate me. It means that the Uprising is working. I’m doing something really good for my body.

So allow me to review a few key points from this first week….


Dinner, anyone?

Dinner, anyone?

I went from a small breakfast usually involving just toast and coffee to a substantial one of mini quiches, oatmeal and grapefruit. My snacks changed from munching on crackers or chips to eating nuts, fruit, or natural nut butters. Dinner for me, usually involved two portions and lots of starch. This last week, it involved big salads with meat, veggies, and toppings like homemade guacamole. I am rarely hungry. I am also drinking at least a gallon of water a day. Having always been a heavy drinker (har har har), this isn’t too hard for me. Plus, I can still have my coffee, so we’re good. Lack of coffee would turn me into a vicious monster. You wouldn’t like me when I’m coffeeless… Alrighty, moving on before my skin turns green…


Showing you anyone can get fit from their living room 🙂

This week I began the actual videos. Nichole’s enthusiasm is real and infectious. She makes mistakes and laughs about it. This brings a touch of candor to the videos which I personally find disarming. There are no “backup athletes” or perky girls that never stop smiling (you know you secretly want to bitchslap them) and no token buff dude in the background who also never stops smiling (probably because his vantage point has him perpetually staring at the perky girls’ toned butts). Just Nichole, as your trainer, demonstrating the three different levels of exercises. I love that there’s levels. It gives a “level one” like myself a place to start and things to aspire to. I feel worn out, sore, tingly, and exhilarated all at the same time after a workout. I. Love. It. I never thought I’d say that I love exercising, but I do! I love the rush and the sense of accomplishment. If you had told me a few months ago that I’d be saying these things…well I might’ve laughed in your face. Sorry.


Still working on how to use the little fat-pinchers. 😉

This week I went down another 1.5 pounds, bringing my total to 5.5 pounds. I’m afraid I wasn’t able to get my measurements, but I’ll be sure to get them in a few days after I’ve lost my burger-bloat. But what’s the most impressive is how different my clothes are starting to feel. Even Jason noticed that my jeans are hanging more loosely. Shirts that I haven’t worn since early days of pregnancy don’t make me embarrassed to walk into public anymore. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. Week one has been good to me. I honestly can’t wait to see what the future weeks hold by way of results.

BTW, if you’d like to follow me down the fitness rabbit hole, get information, or even request a free trial, check out the Revolt Fitness Website.


***Disclaimer: I was given my Revolt Now Fitness membership as a blogger to review for zero dinero. However, all of the words, posts, opinions and anything else that comes out of my cracked belfry are mine and mine alone.***

Exit the Kickstart, Enter the Uprising!

Last week was…unpleasant. My little family came down with an evil, evil stomach virus. (I can practically hear ominous music in my head just typing those two words) What’s worse, is that we were at my parents’ house when it hit the boys, so within 2 days, they had it as well. Probably lost a few Christmas presents for that one. However, Baby Jedi and I remained immune. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but I am deeply, truly thankful. And throughout the messes, the barf, the clean up, and the sleeplessness, I managed to stay on course with my Revolt Now Fitness Kickstart plan. I was so greatful for my little plastic containers full of the clean, healthy food that I had made earlier in the week! Through it all, I was just able to grab a container and eat. It was good food too! Steamed fresh green beans, sirloin steak, salads topped with balsamic vinegar and cracked pepper, and a creamy tiramisu “mousse” was dinner, for example. I had to shuffle my workouts a bit, but I did all four days by the end of the week. By the weekend everyone was pretty much back to normal, so on Sunday I had my weigh in and measurements taken. And….. *insert drum roll here*….

I lost FOUR pounds! I also lost half an inch in all of my measurements! 

I was so shocked! I was so thrilled! Seriously, I haven’t seen results like these in…forever! Imagine me doing my happy dance, go ahead!

Actually, I take that back. I’m a horrible dancer so you don’t even want to envision what that might look like. 😉

Anyhoo, so Sunday I used our allotted “cheat day”. Doughnuts played into the picture, so you know I enjoyed myself. Today I started the official Uprising! Breakfast involved mini quiches among other things. The diet part of the Revolt program is really well rounded and I love that. Since you prepare in advance, you have built in portion control as well. This afternoon I got my workout in. Having the official videos and Nichole cheering you on makes it even better. I cannot wait to see what this week brings. I can’t wait to see how much stronger I get and how much smaller my body gets. It’s hard work, no lies there, but anything worth having is worth fighting for. I’m ready to fight! Plus, with such an adorable cheering section, how can I fail?

I kid you not, he was chanting this unsolicited while I finished my workout. My little love amazes me.

***Disclaimer: I was given my Revolt Now Fitness membership as a blogger to review for zero dinero. However, all of the words, posts, opinions and anything else that comes out of my cracked belfry are mine and mine alone.***

The Day the Tablet Died…

They started singing, “Bye, bye our sweet Tablet guy.”

No more Piggies, and the Angry Birds will no longer fly.

And my poor boys hung their heads and did cry

Saying “Without Angry Birds we will die!”

“Without Angry Birds we will die…”

My deepest apologies to Don McLane. But yes, as the sad song states, today the boys’ tablet took a tumble off of the couch glass first into the ceramic tile. It still works, but the screen is cracked beyond belief. When Jason and I moved into the world of iPads, (Props, Apple. Mad props.) Jason gave his old, slow, ridiculously large Acer tablet to the boys so they could play Angry Birds, Bad Piggies, Cut the Rope, etc. I guess it was just a matter of time before something like this happened, but my boys were heartbroken. Even Brendan, my two year old Bad Piggie architect extraordinaire, cried and mourned. You’d think their puppy had passed away. This occurrence was really the cherry on top of a morning that was heading south fast. But, I digress, because all in all, this is really a success story.

I woke up this morning full of hope. I stepped on my dreaded nemesis the scale. My darling devoted husband helped me take my measurements before leaving for work. He also helped me do something that I’ve never done before…take “Before Pictures”. No matter what kind of diet I’ve gone on, I’ve never had to guts to do that. Well, this time I did. Maybe this is a symbol of my determination this time around. I’ll tell you one thing, though, seeing myself in those pictures…well, it kinda took my breath away. Not in a good way. More like a “I kinda got punched in the gut” kind of way. Perhaps when my will power wanes, I can use them as motivation. I will not stay this way. Now I know why Nichole talks so much about “Revolting against the before picture”. Those pictures were enough to inspire an entire revolution of mind.

The rest of the morning was shaky, to say the least. Some moon must’ve been in the wrong house, because it just seemed like everything that could go wrong, went wrong. After the tablet did it’s Humpty Dumpty performance, we tried to pick up the pieces of our shattered morning and move on. And we did! I ate exactly what I was supposed to and drank that gallon of water plus some. I had a small mishap with the “Power Up Pancakes” but at least now I know how to fix them for tomorrow. I have to say, I really enjoyed the food. It was tasty and I never felt hungry. I was even able to get my workout in, to the best of my sad ability. I have rarely felt as out of shape as I did trying to do those exercises! Mountain Climbers suck. Hard. Squats also suck. Hard. But now, it’s a challenge. I will eventually kick those exercises square in the butt. I will pwn them. Hard. 😉

I know good and well that this is still all shiny and new. No one starts a lifestyle change hating it on the first day. We all start off excited and hopeful with boundless determination. I know the excitement will wane and there will be days that I’ll probably look at my list of exercises and be tempted to go “Ah, f*** it.” and skip out. But the trick is to push on. If anything, this morning was a baptism by fire. Hardly anything went right and stress levels were insane…but I pushed on anyway. I didn’t let the stress drive me to chocolate or cookies or any one of my many, many food triggers. I have to remember that. No matter what, I can do this. And with the support of my friends and the limitless support that the love-of-my-life has been showering on me, there’s a good chance that I will.

The Countdown is On!

So as previously stated (especially in this post ), my healthy living attempts have been a wreck. I have been feeling like a complete failure. Every time I’ve gotten pregnant since baby number three, I think “I cannot possibly get heavier!” and yet I do. The personal records I’ve broken are nothing I’m proud of, in fact they’re usually the exact opposite of what I was striving for. I am beyond ready for a change. I have been overweight far too long, and it’s time to let go of “chubby mommy” and welcome in “fit mommy”. I just had to figure what would be the best way to accomplish that…

Then one fateful day, my longtime friend Crystal posted about a new program called Revolt Fitness that she was trying for her own healthy living efforts. It piqued my interest. After a lot of researching and watching Crys’ amazing progress I decided to take the plunge. I was given the amazing opportunity to join and blog about a six week program myself. By the way, you can find Crystal at her site HERE and see her progress for yourself. Her site is also full of fun giveaways and tips on savings too, so check it out!

So enter Revolt Fitness and Nichole Huntsman.

This is Nichole. Isn't she adorable? :D

This is Nichole. Isn’t she adorable? 😀

Nichole is a mommy, like me. In fact, she had four children. She says she gained way too much weight while pregnant also, and then also decided that enough is enough. Nichole’s is a story I can most definitely relate to. These days she is a fitness goddess. If I can look a fraction of the way she looks, I would be beyond thrilled. Her program works in six week intervals. You get meal plans, shopping lists, and workout videos. Plus, since she’s a busy mom herself, she understands the plight of the busy mother. She helps you to figure out how to prep your entire week’s worth of food in one afternoon. That way, your food is always there. It’s ready to go when you are, it cuts down on cooking and dishes during the week, and in my opinion, helps keep you on the path of righteous fitness. After all, if I’ve had a horrible day, don’t feel like cooking and order pizza for the family, my food is already sitting in the fridge staring at me. I really have no excuse to glut out on pizza! This is extremely attractive to me. And how many times do we use the cop out “Oh I’m too busy to throw together a snack”? If it’s sitting all ready and prepared, that excuse is gone! Just eat it. Her workout videos are short, between 20-40 minutes a day, and uploaded daily to keep things fresh and fun. She also tapes them from her living room to prove that anyone can do it in their home with a minimal of equipment. She becomes your trainer and your fellow Revolters are your support group. It’s all very structured, which is what I’ve realized I need. I need a big ole structured kick in the ass. I need a routine and a way to be held accountable.

You can find more info and even a free trial here at the Revolt website:

I am so excited for this. I cannot wait to start this program, I can’t wait to start seeing results, and I can’t wait to share the entire journey with you. *fingers crossed* I can leave my past failures behind and find that “fit mommy” inside of me. Big girl jeans, your days are numbered!