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So, as previously chronicled, I have a love\hate relationship with exercising. I don’t do it nearly enough, if at all, and this bothers me. You’d think chasing after these children, running up and down the stairs all day, and toting around a 20 pound nine month old would be enough to keep me trim for life and give me buns of steel. Unfortunately this is not the case. My body responds extremely well to exercise though. Plus, when I do workout, I feel like a million bucks afterwards! You’d think with realizations like that, I’d be jumping on that bandwagon and not looking back. But I don’t. Pretty soon, that’s going to change in a huge way and the official countdown is on! Until that time, I figured it can’t hurt to get a little more prepared. My go-to exercise videos have always been yoga. I love it. It honestly calms me and makes me feel all stretched and limber. Well this morning, the baby was sleeping downstairs and their brothers were watching a quick video, so I ran to the TV in my bedroom and pulled up Netflix. I searched for Yoga…nothing. I searched for kickboxing…nothing. None of my old standbys were available! To the computer I went and tried to hunt down an answer. Huh. It looks like Netflix increased their level of suckitude and eliminated all workout and fitness videos from their streaming line up last year. Why do we keep Netflix around? Seriously, every time we find something exciting, they get rid of it, or lose a contract and now they’re talking about raising prices again. I’m beginning to think they just want to run themselves out of business. Anyhoo, as usual when Netflix lets me down, I turned to Amazon’s Instant Video service and as usual, they didn’t disappoint. I found yoga to watch for free, yoga to pay to rent, and even yoga to buy a digital copy of. There was even one called “Pure Nude Yoga”. HA! Yeah, lots of women needing help with fitness choose that one I’m sure. *rolls eyes* I found a yoga video to stream for free and jumped right in. Aidan wandered up, sat on the bed, and kinda watched for a minute. In true kiddo fashion, there were a few giggles. Then the screaming started. Our home is very open concept with ceramic tile as the entire downstairs floor, so the yelling carries upstairs effortlessly and with unwelcome gusto. Apparently, a fight was breaking out over the end of the video and as usual with boys, discussion is impossible. I think yelling, pissing contests, chest pounding, and eventually physical violence is written into boys’ DNA. *cough*GirlsRule*cough* So yoga gets paused. The fight is resolved, and I try to start up again, thankful that the baby didn’t wake up. About two positions later, ridiculous chaos erupts again. Pause, resolve, try again. Third time was the charm. By that third outburst, the baby was up and crying as well. I maybe got 10 minutes of yoga done amidst all that. I threw in the unused towel at that point. I’m not defeated though. I enjoyed those ten little minutes and I am determined to not go into my new program cold. I have some major work to do on myself and neither snow nor sleet nor screaming children will stand in my way. I’ll get it accomplished this time. I have to believe this. Maybe this afternoon when Jedi takes his long nap, we’ll give this another go.

Oh yeah, and girls rule.

Just had to get that out one last time. 😉